Dual IMU on the OmniNXT F7

We all know that the MPU6000 is one of the best gyros for FPV since it has a high vibration tolerance.  But then the ICM20608 has ultra fast performance, giving you gyro readings at 32Khz, but it is alot more sensitive to vibrations.  So why not get the best from both with the OmniNXT F7.  This FC has a dual IMU setup allowing you to get high speed readings from the ICM gyro at 32Khz, but then you can still get more reliable readings at 8Khz from the MPU gyro.

Apart from the dual IMU setup, the OmniNXT includes a host of other impressive features like dual BECs, 6 UART ports, Betaflight OSD, Floating IMU to name a few.  Find out more on the product listing.


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